The Weekend List / 23.

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This week’s list is of a few questions I’d like to ask you:

– How tall are you? (I am 1.59m/5’2″)
– Do you have a favorite color? (No, but I used to be obsessed with the color purple)
– Do you believe in horoscopes? (Yes, very much so)
– What is your ideal type of exercise? (Walking)
– Are you allergic to anything? (Nothing that would appear on my medical records but my skin sometimes react to unclean air)

Looking forward to your answers!

P.S. I think I should rephrase the horoscopes question – I believe in zodiac signs and what they say the stars say about a person in general, like Virgos are lovers of cleanliness and Taureans are cautious with money. However I do not read horoscopes frequently… I don’t think I’ve read a horoscope in 2014!

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  1. – How tall are you? 6’3″

    – Do you have a favorite color? close between faded-blue and black

    – Do you believe in horoscopes? No

    – What is your ideal type of exercise? Walking

    – Are you allergic to anything? Milk, mold, and something in my home town I have never figured out… but it gives my bumps on my forehead within hours of arriving there.

    1. Hello GIANT. :)

      That thing is you’re allergic to in your home town, were you allergic to whatever it is when you were living in your home town?!

  2. i always wait for your weekend list… you always come up with something new and creative. <3
    here are my answers–
    – few cm shorter that you ;-)
    – blue
    – no
    – walking and yoga
    – no

    1. That just made my day, Pratiksha, sometimes I take a lot of time to decide on the topic of the week, way too much time! :)

      I need to pick up yoga soon, everyone only has nice things to say about it. :)

  3. :) This is fun!

    – How tall are you? 1’73 cm
    – Do you have a favorite color? golden yellow
    – Do you believe in horoscopes? not exactly… but I always read them :)
    – What is your ideal type of exercise? swimming and tai chi
    – Are you allergic to anything? lactose and shellfish (my personal nightmare because I *love* shellfish)

    Have a good weekend!

    1. I added a P.S. at the top to explain that I believe in zodiac signs but do not read horoscopes frequently, unless I chance upon them in the papers or a magazine (which I seldom read). But I WILL read them if I see them! :D

      Do you practise tai chi alone or with a group of people? I took a tai chi class for a semester in university and I learned wonderful things about breathing correctly that I never knew!

      Were you always allergic to lactose? It seems like many adults develop an allergy to it later on in their lives instead of being born with it. And I am truly sorry about your allergy to shellfish, truly. (I could eat some now.)

      1. In that case! well, yes, in a way, I also believe that certain horoscope traits are more or less true about a person, I’m not the perfect Leo, but I know some of the things about Leos are perfectly applicable to me :)

        It’s always more fun to do tai chi with other people :)

        The lactose allergy I had since I was a kid and it’s gotten worse the older I get… but I’m so happy that cheese does not have lactose, because not being able to eat cheese on top of shellfish, my life would be miserable ;)

        1. Nooo… I was a completely late bloomer when it comes to cheese but I totally feel you now. The world is a little bit nicer when we can eat cheese. :)

  4. – How tall are you? 5′ 1.75″ That .75 is important!

    – Do you have a favorite color? My favorite color has a hex code: #333333

    – Do you believe in horoscopes? I think they’re fun, but I don’t take them too seriously

    – What is your ideal type of exercise? Walking/hiking/anything outdoorsy

    – Are you allergic to anything? Pollen.

    1. Hahaha, yes, .75 is very important!

      #333333 is super cool. :)

      Does it make you miserable to be near flowers? I couldn’t imagine that happening to me!

      1. It’s mostly a certain time in the spring when I develop a runny nose and sore throat. It goes away the rest of the year, so it’s not really regular flower pollen – more the corn pollen that is so plentiful here in corn-and-soybean land.

  5. Thanks for the fun questions!

    – How tall are you? 5’10”
    – Do you have a favorite color? Like you, I do not! I’m a fan of red and emerald green, though.
    – Do you believe in horoscopes? Not particularly, but they’re fun to read!
    – What is your ideal type of exercise? Bicycling or walking.
    – Are you allergic to anything? Coedine–I best not be needing any strong medication anytime soon. :)

    Have a good weekend!

    1. I’m glad you think they are fun, Dawn!

      So, so, tall. I don’t think I will ever get over wanting to be taller!

      Ooh, I am a fan of various shades of green. When I was younger I’d pick a green candy when I was asked to choose. Every time.

      !!! Coedine!!! No, you need to stay healthy and safe, my dear. :) Have a good weekend yourself!

  6. – How tall are you?
    158 cm (~5’2”)
    – Do you have a favorite color?
    I’m obsessed with green color : D
    – Do you believe in horoscopes?
    Not really… I study psychology so I’m skeptical about horoscopes, haha, but it’s fun to read : )
    – What is your ideal type of exercise?
    hiking (I lost a few kilos but felt much stronger when I was hiking 5 days straight in the mountains :D), swimming, and boxing (but I don’t have time for boxing anymore : (
    – Are you allergic to anything?
    pollen and dust

    have a nice weekend ; P

    1. You know, I used to read quite a bit of horoscopes years ago until the time I started university and took a psychology class. At the same time, my daily email subscription of horoscopes sent a reading that was (in my memory) EXACTLY the same as one it had sent probably six months ago.

      I even went as far as to ask my psychology professor if we could discuss a little bit on how the words/phrase/tones in horoscope readings affected the people reading it psychologically. It was not in the realm of her profession so I never did get far but I unsubscribed from the the daily readings after that!

      1. It’s called Barnum effect! Basically, general statements that can be applied to anyone but someone reading them finds personal-level connection with them and therefore acquires beliefs in those statements. I also think about self-fulfilling prophecy: we believe in something and behave according to our belief, which in turn strengthens/confirms that belief even more!

        Something I don’t like about horoscopes is that many people take it so seriously and label themselves with their “sign” and therefore are less open to many aspects of their selves that they don’t even know. Also, sometimes people say they behave like this and that because they’re Virgo or Aquarius…, I just think that everyone as an individual is way more interesting : D.

        1. Haha, I love theories! Having fun reading up on the Barnum effect on Wikipedia! I majored in Speech Communication in university and I was/still is really into meanings behind words and peoples’ reactions to them. I think my interest in the zodiac signs stems from the fact that in my experience, the application is about probably 70% accurate and it gives me a general grasp of people I’m dealing with. I understand what you mean though, if we in any way make horoscopes our entire lives it would be a disaster! :D

  7. – How tall are you? 160cm

    – Do you have a favorite color? I think as of late, it’s been ash grey.

    – Do you believe in horoscopes? Nope. Not really.

    – What is your ideal type of exercise? Running.

    – Are you allergic to anything? Sadly, EGGS. It’s like forbidden love. I love eggs but every time I eat them I get non stop sneezing for a whole day. :(

    1. Ash gray has always been one of my go-to colors. I think once you fall in love with you, it’ll stick!

      Oh my goodness, I could never imagine not being able to eat eggs. I guess once in a while it is worth a day of sneezing, yes? :)

  8. i love these kinda questions. so much fun! :)

    – How tall are you? (I am 1.62m)
    – Do you have a favorite color? (Yellow)
    – Do you believe in horoscopes? (No, but I always check mine, haha)
    – What is your ideal type of exercise? (Dancing)
    – Are you allergic to anything? (not that i’m aware of)

    1. Yay! I’m glad you find the questions fun! :D

      Right? Like, when I come across a weekly/monthly horoscope reading I will read it without second thoughts but completely forget what it says like 5 minutes later!

      I always, always wish I was born in an era where boys asked girls to go dancing. That’s like the most romantic thing I ever believed in. :D :D :D

  9. Oh this is so fun!

    – How tall are you? (I am 5’4”)
    – Do you have a favorite color? (Not particularly, but I like navy blue a lot)
    – Do you believe in horoscopes? (Nope!)
    – What is your ideal type of exercise? (Hiking on mountains)
    – Are you allergic to anything? (Possibly peaches, I’m too scared to test it out!)

    1. Hi Liz! ♥♥♥

      But how did you know you might be allergic to peaches if you never tried one?!

      P.S. I think we can put together a walking/hiking group just with the fine people who left comments on this post! :D

      1. Hhaha sorry I didn’t make that clear. When I was little I could eat peaches just fine, but then one day after eating peaches I broke out into hives (a bad rash) and got really sick for two weeks. Pretty sure it was the peaches, hence…I’m too scared to test my hypothesis out if I am really allergic to them!

        And yes oh my god it would be so fun if we had a walking/hiking group. It’s always more fun with other photographers because we take 10 hours to do a 2 hour hike cause we are always taking photographs!! <3

        1. I was wondering if maybe it was the pesticide they used on the peaches, which is actually one of the worst things about food these days!

  10. – How tall are you? i am 1,70m, but always wanted to be taller!

    – Do you have a favorite color? i love all colors and the absence of color and also grey!

    – Do you believe in horoscopes? yes,astrology is very important to me – i always read Susan Miller forecasts and follow her on facebook.this woman is amazing and if you love the theme check her site,

    – What is your ideal type of exercise? Walking and yoga – I practiced yoga for many years and then because my teacher moved back to Brazil i stopped ( i tried other teachers but could not feel the same will and direction and in Hatha Yoga that was so important so i quitted:WORST MISTAKE,will try to get back to that as soon as possible)

    – Are you allergic to anything? Jackpot question :) i am allergic to raw pears and apples (my digestion stops,allergic to cookies,allergic to marmelade,allergic to nuts and so much more stuff ahahahahah

    1. Feelings and words and the power of feelings and words.. I guess that is what draws Cancerians to horoscopes. :)

      Dear, dear Sara! Those allergies sound terrible because they are all lovely food :( No wonder you eat so much bananas hahaha

  11. I love your weekend lists. :)

    I’m 5’4″ but people always say I look taller because of my big bone.

    Black is my favorite color but I also like red. One is dark and quiet while the other is loud.

    Horoscopes are so fun to read! I like them even though I graduated with a degree in psychology. It’s a fun subject to talk about with friends. I’m a Scorpio so friends tend to understand my responses and behaviors based on that fact, haha.

    As for allergies, it’s typically pollen, dogs, cats, dust mites and horses.

    1. I love that your choice of favorite color is so absolute and certain. I would NEVER be able to say black or red even though I really like them because I have some crazy notion that a favorite color has to be difficult to classify by words, like golden honey bee yellow or teal green turquoise (teal, green or turquoise?!?!).

  12. I’m starting to see your weekend list in a new light Katie, enjoying it more now that it reminds me of a slam book haha!

    * I am 5’6″.
    * I always favor the color black because of its simplicity, but purple always catches my eye more than any color :)
    * Like you, I believe in the characteristics that are associated with the zodiac signs! (I am Taurean)
    * I tried and liked boxing, but had to stop because the gym was too far from where I live :(
    * I am proud to say I’m not allergic to anything :) :) (Like how Taureans have strong immune systems)

    1. HAhaha, sometimes I have a stroke of genius and come up with something fun. This list is so interesting for me too! :)

      I think boxing is very cool and would love to try if there was a school near where I live. I hope you find some way to pick it up again!

  13. Me too, me too :-D
    -I’m 5’2
    – No single favorite color but somehow 80% of my cloths are blue.
    – horoscopes-Not really.
    – ideal type of exercis- Definitely Walking
    – allergic to anything-Nope :)

  14. Dear Katie,
    I love your weekend lists.

    – How tall are you? (I am 1.78m sometimes taller:)
    – Do you have a favorite color? (No, because I love all colors but I prefer colors of the earth and natural blue and gray )
    – Do you believe in horoscopes? (no, at all)
    – What is your ideal type of exercise? (Walking, walking, sometimes running)
    – Are you allergic to anything? (yes, pollen loves me, but it’s not a mutual feeling;
    Sebastian is allergic to everything)

    1. Dear Anna, thank you so much, I hope you continue to enjoy them.

      Poor Sebastian! But then you can enjoy all the food he’s allergic to by yourself :D

      Are you still busy with the wedding? Sending all my love and best wishes to you and Sebastian. 3

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