Parasailing in Bali / Part III.


Three of my friends went parasailing while two of us waited and so we did have a lot of time on our hands to take repetitive photographs. After I finished the previous roll, I realized I only had some black and white film left to load into my Superheadz UWS. Truth be told I was really looking forward to see how these would turned out – they kind of look like they were from a long time ago, when people only had black and white film to use, don’t you think?




Negative0-08-08(1)3xLomography Lady Grey B&W 400, Superheadz Ultra Wide & Slim

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  1. These are nice, and definitely have a different feel than the first roll! I like the ones where they are up in the air, far away. It feels like summer. It looks like summer. Whatever. :)

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