The Weekend List / 22.

Negative0-09-09(1)Solution VX 200, Pentax K1000

I wish…

– I wasn’t SO short-sighted. (I love wearing glasses but I wish I wasn’t so blind without them!)
– we had more than 24 hours a day (hahaha).
– the weather would stay Spring all year.
– people could be kinder with one another.
– traveling to other countries didn’t cost so much money.
– I could draw/paint.
– more people knew that Taiwan is not, nor a part of, China.
– I had a better temper.

Some random things I am wishing for recently. What do you wish for?

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  1. Hi Katie,
    I love your blog! And your photos!
    I thought you should have written “but I wish I WASN’T so blind without them!”. I wear glasses too and I know how you feel! It’s quite inconvenient especially when I play (water) sports.

    I went to Taiwan 2 months ago and I miss it terribly (I was the one who asked you where to buy film in Taipei if you remember :D) I love Taiwanese people, they’re so friendly, hospitable, and helpful! I met lots of good people there and I wished I could have spoken Mandarin even though English combined with body language worked so well during the trip haha. Your country is so beautiful, I wish I could go back there soon! I also saw the protest in Taipei in March, hope that people know Taiwan isn’t China :). I also wish traveling doesn’t cost so much! xD

    1. Hello An! Thank you for pointing out my error, haha, I can’t believe I didn’t notice it! :)

      Did you buy film in the shop that I pointed you towards? I am so glad you saw the protest back in March, it was (and still is) a heavy moment for this country. I just hope everything turns out for the best. Come back to Taiwan soon! ♥

      1. Yes, I did! I rented the yellow bike to look around for that shop and got lost and was so afraid that I couldn’t return the bike on time. It’s kinda chaotic to recall but it was so fun getting lost in Taipei, x D. Because of my terrible map-reading skill I got lost again and saw the protest. I have some friends in Taiwan who also joined the protest and kinda explained a bit for me about the situation. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your country because I love it so much!
        Sure I’ll come back to Taiwan : D

  2. This list really made me think! Especially the one about Taiwan being a part of China – I wish more people knew that Hong Kong isn’t really (kinda) a part of China, and that we speak different languages!

    I hope you enjoy your summer! I’ll be visiting Taiwan with my family in the holidays~ ^_^

    1. I think Hong Kong and Taiwan pretty much stands on the same side of the line. :) I noticed that more and more social activism is happening in Hong Kong, hopefully it will all pay off! ♥♥♥

      Summer is going to be so darn hot but time to hit the beach! :D

  3. I wish your second point too. I’d settle for 48 hours a day at least :)

    I wish I could work from home :(

    I wish I had a C-41 film development machine at home :))

    1. 48 hours sounds about right. :D

      Couldn’t you work from home, if you choose to?

      I wish I had an entire photo lab at my disposable.. for sure. :D

  4. I guess I wish more or less similar things like you except for glasses; I don’t have any.
    But biggest thing I wish is there should not be Mondays. and if there are then the next day should be Friday. :D :D :D

  5. We have the same problem with our eyes! I always need to wear glasses. I love my glasses, but sometimes it feels so much better without them. I cannot wear contact lenses all the time cause I also have astigmatism. Have you tried wearing contact lenses?

    Also, the last part. Better temper. Yes! Hahaha!

    1. I used to wear contact lenses until one time when I put on a dirty pair and there was an infection in my eyes for a long time time. I pretty much swore off contact lenses after that and only use them on occasions that would require me to be glasses-less. Haha!

  6. The light in the photograph is truly magnificent!

    It’s funny that you are wishing to have a bad temper! I wish I didn’t have a bad temper! Though I think I can totally relate to these points of yours:
    – we had more than 24 hours a day.
    – the weather would stay Spring all year (for Finland, I’d say Summer).
    – people could be kinder with one another.
    – traveling to other countries didn’t cost so much money.

    1. Thank you, dear Polly, I love late afternoon light!

      Hahaha, no you’re mistaken, I meant that my temper is so bad, I am wishing for a better temper!

      Finland summer sounds divine! :)

  7. I wish a lot of things, each day one different. but I share with you the “travel to other country didn’t cost so money” wish. it would be so awesome travel the world not worrying about money, right?!

  8. Ah, Taiwan and China. People may speak the same language but they could be eons apart in other aspects. For me, Taiwan will always be on its own.

    I wish I could speak multiple languages. I think that would open up more opportunities for me to read stories from other countries as well as make new friends. :)

    1. Thank you, dear Tammy, it means so much to hear you say that. :)

      Right?! I have been thinking about going back to Korean classes…

    1. Haha, it takes a lot of determination to be organized for me (my work space is a constant struggle) but I guess it could work if we had 48 hours a day, don’t you think?!

  9. .I wish the daytime would always be like in late SpringEarly Summer where it gets only at night around 9-10 pm

    . i wish i would control better my anxiety

    . i wish traveling was away more cheaper

    . i wish people ould smile more in public transportation,friends hug and be honest about their feelings,mankind basically learnt how to communicate ahaha

    . i wish i could take better care of my own person and my needs.

    .i wish i can meet you very soon!

    … and i will stop now ahaha

    1. I’ve never been anywhere where night falls after 9PM, what a dream for someone who takes photographs!! ♥

      I also wish to meet you very soon!!!! And I think you will get better at being good to yourself if you believe in it ♥♥♥ :)

  10. i wish people were not such liars
    i wish i could travel more
    i wish i had already finished paying the mortgage on my house
    i wish i could visit taiwan (which is not part of china! at least i know that :) ) soon
    i wish i could see my friends more
    i wish i was able to shut up sometimes

    1. Most of the time I just go through with it without thinking too much about the fact that I just made a decision.. life is too short for regrets, cliché but an absolute truth. :)

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