The Weekend List / 21.

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A few habits:

– I start my day with a tall glass of water and a vitamin B pill.
– I never wash my eyeglasses (at least not after I scratched my last pair while washing it with soap that had SAND on it in Bali), I just clean them with tissue paper.
– The last thing I do in bed before I sleep is read, either a book (a real, physical one) or blogs on my phone.
– The first thing I do when I wake up is CHECK MY PHONE (not proud of it).
– I almost never drink more than one coffee a day but there is no limit when it comes to tea. (But if you asked me I would say I was a coffee person any day, isn’t it strange?)
– I usually wear my clothes more than once before they go into the laundry basket. Unless it was a super hot day.

This was a hard list. I don’t think I am so much a creature of habit. What are some of your habits?

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  1. I order the same exact meal at specific restaurants/fast food joints. So I’d only ever order Pepperoni Pizza at an Italian place or Lamb Biryani at an Indian place, and so on. It’s taken me years of trial and error to arrive at those choices, so I’m sticking with them haha.

    I drink too much coffee. You don’t want to know how many a day. :)

    1. Hahaha! I respect that! Now that I think about it, I almost always eat the same things from the same places, especially for lunch – lunch is just too practical for frivolous choices.

      But really, I am curious how many coffees a person can take a day, it just doesn’t sit well with my appetite even though I love that drink!

  2. I have to say, I am indeed a creature of habit; I exercise every morning for 10 minutes, take a shower and eat a tablet of vitamin D; I drink a mug of mint tea every evening before going to bed… there’s lots of things I need to repeat every day to feel good with myself.

    1. I wish I had your exercising habit, Polly! But I completely agree, some things have to be done just so we can be in the right state to begin or end the day. :)

  3. I take a vitamin B tablet in the morning too! (Mainly because my mother encourages me to hehe) It really helps with my energy levels in the day~

    1. Haha, the pharmacist encouraged me to so I did! I don’t adhere to good sleeping hours so I like to think that the vitamin B helps. :D

  4. coffee in the morning + reading the blogs I like, perhaps this habit is the only one that doesn`t change. The rest varies depending on the day

    1. I always find it very ideal to be drinking coffee and reading blogs/news on the computer in the morning, I just.. never really do it! :D

  5. i also check my phone the first thing in the morning and that’s the only way i’m able to get up because if i just turn of the alarm i’m going to fall asleep again for sure.. i don’t take vitamins or drink any hot drinks. with my boyfriend we have this one habit, every day after the lunch we play cards and the winner can make fun of the looser. we’re like some seniors haha!

    1. Hahaha, well now that I think about it turning off the alarm and going back to sleep is also one of my habits. :D

      That’s definitely a fun habit! I hope you win often! :) :) :)

  6. i look at the phone too when i wake up
    drink a cup of water with lemon
    eat a banana
    drink my first coffee
    the last thing i eat before i go to bed is also a banana,ahahah
    i am living in a somewhat chaotic environment and i lost a lot of habits,i also thing they are a good thing to keep you sane :)

    1. I wonder how many people can ignore their multi-purpose phone when they wake these days.. :)

      You’re right, I think, habits are important to feel that you’re in a right place, doing the right things. I could eat bananas everyday too but I’m not sure why I don’t. I think I always crave for fruits that quench my thirst, haha!

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