Snail Mail Love.


Snail mail from Anna from two different times, coincidentally both on Solution VX 200, one roll a gift from Anna herself, another purchased in Singapore. The latter, expired, gives crazy magenta tones on some of the photographs in all its expired glory.



Negative0-11-9A(1)Solution VX 200, Pentax K1000
Solution VX 200 (expired), Canon FTb

16 comments on “Snail Mail Love.

  1. :*
    I will send you my new address soon, dearest Katie. And I’m still wainting for your letter. Probably i flying somewhere:)
    I tried solution second time and I found a magenta film too. :)
    I really often buy cheap films But definitely it’s a time for something good. I have to try new films. Little liss for you.

    1. I’m glad the letter has reached you safely, Anna, even though it has gone on a longer road. The magenta tone was a surprise, it did not show up at all in the roll you sent me! Having tried a few expensive films I am now going back to expired film exclusively, I love being surprised. :)

  2. How lovely it is to receive snail mail! And in such cute little packages, no less :-) Love the magenta tone. Gives the shot an aged, whimsical look.

    1. It took me a while to really love the magenta tones, mainly because the non-expired Solution VX film gave such wonderful colors!

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