Rabbits Café / 兔子在公園咖啡.


Another cafe that I am sharing too late – Rabbits Cafe (兔子在公園咖啡) ceased operation in November last year, only a little while after I visited. The city is rolling out a mystifying number of “urban regeneration” plans and it is affecting, largely, all the small businesses. Fortunately, the people behind Rabbits Cafe have plans to open at a new location and I will definitely be there when they do. In other news, I am quite taken to the grains in these, they kind of feel homely to me.










Negative0-36-36(1)2Lomography CN 800, Vivitar 220/SL

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  1. Swedish stuff! :D The white porcelain with blue flowers is a (nationally) very famous design, it’s called “Mon Amie” and is produced by the company Rörstrand.

    Following your blog I’m getting the feeling that Taibei has the largest collection of nice cafés in the world. I used to believe that Stockholm was that location. Maybe I just don’t venture enough…

    1. Yes, it was a small Northern Europe themed exhibition in the cafe. I love information coming from a native, that’s really cool, thanks for sharing! :D

      Actually, I think Japanese cafes take the cake, they are so warm and full of tiny details and good coffee.

  2. what a lovely cafe! and it’s very sad that it’s close now.
    {somehow in singapore i found many places that i liked close down just like that :( }

    1. It is charming indeed! The grains adds to the wholesomeness (pardon the pun!) of the place, which I really hope comes through these pictures. :)

  3. What a cute little cafe. I vastly prefer little hole-in-the-wall cafes and restaurants to the vast chains that seem to be overtaking the world.

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