Project View.

Negative0-33-31(1)Fujicolor 100 (expired), Konica Auto S

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon Project View by murhaaya, a freelance photographer based in Prague. Almost immediately I knew that I could probably cobble together my own little Project View because let’s face it, working from home means I am home a lot, and there is always one specific view from home that starts or ends a roll of film, just to get you going or wrap up properly so you can finally go to the photo lab.

Negative0-39-34(1)Kodak ProFoto XL 100, Pentax K1000

Negative0-18-19A(1)Fujifilm Superia 200, Pentax K1000

Negative0-21-21(1)2Kodak Gold 100 (expired), Pentax K1000

Negative0-26-11A(1)2Lomography CN 100, Lomo LC-A+

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  1. Wow, this project certainly make us look at the photos from different perspective. I too have so many such photos taken outside my window that I found repetitive and not worth sharing but time to look at them from different eye!!!! Thanks for sharing this Katie!

  2. oh I love this, great to see the comparison of film and cameras! Might need to do something similar except maybe not of my view because we’re moving soon -damn!

      1. Sounds like a plan :) Also I think it was from your blog that you linked about the 52 cameras in 52 weeks blog, I like that he takes a self portrait with each film, so I think I should jump on that idea too!

    1. Actually, you’re right, I don’t! Sometimes I go out just for some “fresh air” – not that fresh when you see all the cars driving by…

  3. what a cool project! i used to do the same thing and take pictures out of my bedroom window all the time. unfortunately now my view isn’t half as beautiful as yours :) !

  4. That is such a smart idea! You have a lovely view outside your window, I think it would be interesting to see how that view changes as the year goes by.

  5. I just looked over at murhaaya’s site, and he appears to be a time traveller as well. He’s posted a photo taken in the future exactly 1 year from today :) I’d love whatever camera he’s using to see into the future.

    Lovely photos here. I always point my camera at my ceiling light in my bedroom. I have many many photos of it. Hmmm, that’s an idea.

    1. His look of the future is in pretty awesome tones! I think it you need to get yourself a pinhole camera to do just that. :)

      Do share, I’d like to see your own Project View!

  6. I absolutely love the Kodak Profoto Plus, I must admit that when I used it in London I didn’t particularly like it however when used in Paris and Versailles it was absolutely stunning!

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