Film Guide Updates.

6299518730_18995c8951_oKonica Centuria Super 400, Superheadz Ultra Wide & Slim

Although I haven’t been buying any new cameras lately (which is a good thing, sort of?), I’ve had the chance to try a number of new films, some of which I’ve only used once so far but will add them to the Film Guide as soon as I use a couple more rolls of each.

There are two, however – Solution VX 200 and Konica Centuria Super 400 – which I used a few times consecutively because of the really fun results I’ve been getting. The Konica film, especially, even got me digging back to super old photographs I took with it, like the one above, back when the film wasn’t even expired yet! Both films are in the Film Guide now.

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    1. You should! I’m on an expired film binge myself and it’s exciting to find old film stock that I’ve never/hardly tried before.

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