20 comments on “Cingjing Farm / 清境農場 / Part IV.

  1. Wow!

    The last photo reminds me of some parts of Europe – Switzerland, Austria or Czech Republic. The vegetation is a little different, but the essence feels the same. So peaceful.

    1. The air is so fresh, when I’m up there I wonder if I like the mountains better or the beach better. (The answer is still the beach, I think.)

    1. I only ever see shadows of the mountains living in the city, so it was a great treat for me to be able to take these photographs! :)

  2. I reaaallly like the green gradient on the first photo! <3 Please let it not be the last part of this lovely farm series, Katie :)

  3. I’m going to echo the comments of others and say that some of these remind me of mountainous regions on Europe. Everything is so verdant! I’m assuming this is the same place where you saw the sheep shearing show/demonstration?

    1. Yes, it is the same tourist farm. The weather wasn’t that great the weekend we were there, I am quite keen to take photographs of lush green with blue skies! :)

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