Casa de Lou Kau / Lou Kau Mansion / 盧家大屋.


The thing that kept me amazed while walking around in Macau was how gloriously intricate the architecture is and the sheer amount of beautiful buildings they have managed to keep. The Casa de Lou Kau (盧家大屋) is a two-storey traditional Chinese courtyard house with small western influences built in 1889 and home to Lou Cheoc Chi, a prominent Chinese merchant. I fell in love with the grey-brick design immediately.





Negative0-22-20A(1)2Agfacolor Pro 200 (expired), Pentax K1000

12 comments on “Casa de Lou Kau / Lou Kau Mansion / 盧家大屋.

    1. My favorite thing about them is the brickwork! Although we have quite a few here in Taiwan, they’re usually red bricks. It’s my first time seeing such a beautiful gray brick house!

    1. My thoughts exactly! And to be absolutely honest I could not have been able to recall the details of the building without these photographs.. ❤

  1. I love those traditional chinese court houses, and this one is gorgeous… the grey bricks and the random spurs of color (like the windows) are amazing!

    1. I thought it was so.. modern, the cool gray and the bursts of high contrast colors. Very chic and yet so obviously full of history! I was very amazed by it myself :)

  2. Plenty of red-brick walls over here instead. Love the contrast between the grey wall and the red leaves in the third photo. Was that plant a poinsettia?

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