As Seen in An Alleyway / 25.



Negative0-21-16A(1)2Lomography CN 100, Lomo LC-A+

P.S. My apologies for taking a little longer to announce the winners for the giveaway but here they are:


Congratulations to Frances, Sara and Dennis – you guys are the winners of The Expired Film ComboLomography films (Lady Grey B&W 400CN 400 and CN 100) and a Fujicolor QuickSnap Superia respectively. Please send me your snail mail address to! 

P.P.S. Sara, you know I already have yours. :)

18 comments on “As Seen in An Alleyway / 25.

  1. Congrats to the winners :)

    I may just install that List Randomizer myself rather than tossing a coin multiple times when making important decisions in my life hehe.

  2. Congratulations to the lucky winners! :)

    You’re still the real winner here, Katie. Happy to see how many people you have inspired with your blog ;) May you continue to curate a lot more of cuteness haha!

  3. light signal in an Alley is erm…special? ahahah i love how life is weirder than fiction <3

    I am so so so HAPPY to win dear Katie <3

    Thank you for you kindness :D

    1. Hahaha, many people turn right into this alleyway on their motorcycles, sometimes very quickly, and I think it is necessary because people are also weirder than fiction… :D

      I cannot wait to send them to you and for you to take beautiful photographs with them, dear dear Sara ♥

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