The Weekend List / 15.

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Following the list two weeks ago, here are the Things That Still Scare Me:

– free falling
– turbulence when I’m on a plane
– lizards
– old-age
– horror movies
– walking alone at night with little light (see above)
– pouncing cats
– physical pain and the idea of physical pain

If it’s not too personal to ask, what are some of the things that scare you?

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  1. turbulence,old-age,horror movies,walking alone at night!

    but my current worst fear actually is to never fall in love again…

    Have a wonderful weekend Katie :)

    1. ha, how curious Sara, you know, that’s one of my worst fears too… along with being with big crowds of people (which is hilarious because I love going to concerts)

      1. Wishing the same for you, dear Tanit, that you will meet someone who makes you laugh and love at the end of the tunnel. :)

        P.S. Do concerts scare you then, even though you love going?

    2. I can’t say I have felt the same exact fear but I understand how crippling that can be. I hope nature takes it course in the best way for you, Sara, and that this fear will be overcome and worth it at the end.

      Sending you weekend love! ♥

      1. i hope magic will happen before i turn 80 ahaha <3
        I am also afraid of crowds and entering elevators aha.regular phobic chic ;P
        Tanit,let's be at our best and do things we love and that person will spot us and something good might happen*

  2. definitely turbulence! and i’m a bit claustrophobic, so i really don’t like it when people jump on the elevator, or there’s a traffic jam in a tunnel, or the metro stops in the middle of a tunnel… brrrr!

    1. Oh, yes, anything out of the ordinary that happens in an elevator makes me nervous too! Gosh, I wish I never made you think about your claustrophobia, I hope you didn’t feel too bad! ♥

  3. Very personal fear: I work as a nurse on an inpatient cardiopulmonary unit. My #1 biggest fear is making a mistake at work that leads to someone’s death.

    1. Did you know that’s called ophidiophobia? I used to have a friend who was so afraid of snakes, she’d burst into tears if one showed up in a movie or a magazine!

    1. I haven’t actually seen a real, adult snake that’s not behind some viewing glass so I guess that’s why I have not developed any real fear for them. But lizards, gosh, those things are everywhere!

  4. I’m scared of high heights which is strange because I live on 7th floor :) I’m really scared of spiders. I don’t mind snakes or lizards but when I see a spider I want to run away! Also really narrow places and horror movies, I don’t like watching them.

    1. Does it make you nervous standing near the windows of your own apartment? I grew up in an apartment on the 12th floor, haha, so I honestly have no idea what a fear of height must be like! No horror movies for me too, probably my idea of self-torture. :)

      1. Sometimes I feel nervous but I think I already used to it :) The problem is when I’m on a cable car high above the ground. I think that scares me the most. Once I tried to overcome this fear but I’ve failed :)

  5. Spiders… They are just creepy. I live very far in the country and I get those giant garden spiders all over place and the occasional tarantula..

    1. I have only ever seen a tarantula once, in a factory my father was managing when I was really, really young. So young in fact I’m not sure if it really happened but the size of that thing! Now I see that even having them around a lot does not make one immune to them… :)

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