St. Dominic’s Church / 玫瑰堂.


While preparing for our visit to Macau back in December, I knew that one of the things I wanted to do was to, well, not be prepared. I did some general research but chose not to make an itinerary, especially since we had planned on exploring Macau on foot and I wanted to feel free enough to wander. The hardest part was not researching in advance on the Historic Centre of Macau, which is a huge World Heritage Site of more than twenty monuments interweaving into a famous trail. I am the kind of tourist who wouldn’t want to miss out on even one monument had I succumbed to preparation but I did not! And that means we saw some, missed a few but it feels good to walk into what piqued my interests and not know what I didn’t get to see.

What I did get to see and loved very much is St. Dominic’s Church (玫瑰堂), founded in 1587. The bell tower at the back of the building has been modified into the The Treasure of Sacred Art Museum, featuring a small but beautiful collection of religious works of art and artifacts. The bell tower let in such beautiful light, I could have stayed there for a whole day.








Negative0-16-14A(1)2Agfacolor Pro 200 (expired), Pentax K1000
Lomography CN 800, Pentax K1000

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