Cingjing Farm / 清境農場 / Part III.


The sheep shearing show is a summer highlight at Cingjing Farm (清境農場) – I feel weird typing that because, really, the beautiful mountains you are surrounded by is the highlight – but yes, anyone who visits the farm during the summer months will gather and anticipate Grant Wallace, a New Zealander who has been working with Cingjing Farm for over ten years, shear sheep and talk extremely quickly in his heavily-accented Mandarin.






Negative0-09-28(1)2Kodak UltraMax 400, Pentax K1000

19 comments on “Cingjing Farm / 清境農場 / Part III.

      1. I LOVE that film :) And yes, I also agree that the sheep are fun, it’s just that they are part of a really commercialized programme at the farm. :)

    1. It’s not weird at all for sheep to be your favorite but you don’t mean crowds too right? I have no love for crowds, unfortunately, haha!

  1. I like watching the dogs rounding up the sheep (i love those dogs!) though I always turn away when the shearers drag out one of them to demonstrate the shearing procedure – the chosen sheep doesn’t seem to appreciate having its limbs spread open and sheared! It’s very educational though.. I just visited a wildlife park and the people were teaching us how to crack a whip and milk a cow!

    miss you!

    1. Yes! That was my favorite part of the show, the dogs going after the sheep, I just marvel at how smart they are, haha! Miss you too ♥♥

  2. (the other ‘Ade’) :)

    I love the last photo the best. It’s as if the sheep are the tourists, there to watch the people. Great perspective.

  3. This is adorable! And the hills are so green and vivid-looking. They do sheep-shearing shows at county and state fairs, here. Or demonstrations, rather. I’ve never been to one myself, though. It looks like there was quite a turnout for the event!

    1. This place is really a resort-farm sort of thing so yeah, people who go are there for the show so the turnout is always big. The show is a lot more fun than I thought, though! :)

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