The Weekend List / 13.

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The other day, I was thinking about Things That Once Scared Me But Don’t Anymore:

– dogs (and cats) (and animals in general)
– butterflies
– public speaking
– Jesus (it’s a long story but when I was 10 I was taken to a Christmas show and the image of Jesus Christ stayed with me in a non-positive way, but it is not so anymore)
– getting my hands dirty (with nature)

Life is long, sort of, and things can surprise you by changing. What are some things that once scared you but don’t anymore?

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  1. i used to be afraid of dogs too, and today i LOVE LOVE LOVE them.
    also was afraid of singing out loud, and today i just do it when i feel like it.
    used to be afraid of speaking out my feelings and i think that at least i am way better at it today…

    however, i am still very afraid of the dark though, and even though it might have improved i still find this a fear i can\t seem to get rid off.

    wish you a wonderful weekend!

    1. Even singing out loud in front of other people, along the streets? I don’t think I’m able to do that yet but hooray for you, sara! And one must always be able to speak their feelings, I couldn’t imagine it all piled up and stuff inside.

      I hope you had yourself a good week, things have been really busy around these parts!

  2. It’s funny – and a bit sad – that in my case the things that scare me now are many more than the ones that used to scare me as a child.
    I cannot imagine you being scared of animals, Katie! Thankfully you got over that!

    1. I hope you have faith that one day things will change, Polly! Never say never :) :) :)

      I couldn’t imagine in a million years getting over the fears I’ve listed but miraculously it has happened! Also, very pleased that animals no longer scare me! ♥

  3. How did you get over your fear of dogs? I’d like to know :) I could use it hehe.

    – Lightning – now I understand the laws of probability and electricity, but it still startles me, but not scared anymore.
    – Car horns :)

    I think for me it’s just the sudden loud sounds. Dog barks, thunder, horns… hmm

    1. By living with one, Ade! I have the good fortune of living with my housemate’s dog and it has opened wonderful doors into the canine world for me. :)

      I think lightning is beautiful but thunder does startle me. Car horns irritate me, haha! :)

  4. I’m glad that I’m not the only person scared of butterflies. Still am, sort of – the way they fly like drunken sailors and brush your face, and …shudders.

    I used to be very frightened of speaking to strangers. I still am shy, but I have to speak to strangers all the time as part of my job, so the fear isn’t really there anymore.

    1. Haha, yes! The way they flutter and doesn’t avoid you, really, it always feels like sudden attacks.

      I couldn’t imagine how hard it must be to be afraid of speaking to strangers and having to do it while you were still afraid but I am glad you’re over it now, Frances!

  5. I used to be scared of travelling, or generally being too far away from home, or I was scared of ńot being able to fall asleep. Oh yes, the last one, I would go to bed and talk myself into thinking that I will not be able to fall asleep, yet now I do immediately. Guess these are the perks of the adult life. You stop being scared of the night, but rather welcome it like a friend :)

    1. But surely the travel bug has bitten you so hard that can no longer be true? :) I think it’s sweet to want to be close to home but I think it’s generally better for the soul to be “going home” than to be “at home” all the time… :)

    1. Brave Sara :) I think many things can be overcome if you want to be braver, you can still be afraid of the bridge but if you’re tired of being afraid of it you will find the courage to cross it, even though your hands still shake. ♥

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