The Weekend List / 11.

Negative0-16-14(1)Kodak Max 400 (expired), Pentax K1000

Inspired by Silvia’s post, Things to Do On A Rainy Day:

– sleep in
– grab a book and read in bed, preferably with some chocolate and tea by your side
– curl up on the couch and crochet
– take pictures of the falling rain on film (I’ve never succeeded)
– pull out your prettiest umbrella and rain boots, head outside to buy a hot drink to hold in your hands
– eat hot pot!

What are your favorite things to do on a rainy day?

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  1. Strange as it may sound, I like to drive in the rain :)

    [By the way, quick tip to taking raindrop photos. The key is to set shutter speed to 1/60 and them match your aperture to that. That is the speed that will catch the rain drops as a nice streak]

    1. No, not strange at all, I do have warm memories of being safe and dry in the car on rainy days. :)

      Thanks for the tip! I sure hope the nice weather keeps up but when it rains I will give that a try!

  2. ~photograph through the window and outside, wetness on the leaves…
    ~lay in bed and listen to the droplets hitting the ceiling and roof, or even better in a yurt or a waterproof tent
    ~watch a movie drinking hot chocolate
    ~roadtrips, by car or train. watching the scenery, dreaming away…
    ~putting all my favorite veggies in a pot, letting it cook long until it becomes this rich soup. or making a spicy dahl full of spices…

    among many other things…

    1. The soup just sounds DIVINE… :) Thank you for sharing your lovely list, sara! P.S. I have a huge curiosity about yurts! Never been inside one before!

  3. If I could choose, soak at hot springs like the ones in Wulai. :) Usually it’s just business as usual though :(

    I find it extremely hard to catch any kind of downfall on both digital and film. One of my best rain photos I shot during a mad down pour – my shower won’t produce that much water – still you can barley see the raindrops. Snow is a bit easier, at least if you use a flash :)

    1. Hahaha, what if it was POURING RAIN?

      Well I’ve never had the chance to capture snow but I think I will keep trying with rain and so should you :)

      1. That’s sorta the wether we had when I visited Wulai :) It was raining cats and dogs. I really liked the sensation of sitting in the warm water with rain pouring down around me :)

  4. I like to watch the rain by the window. It’s rejuvenating. On other days when I’m out, I like to be in a park because I like the shades of green of plants after the rain.

    Hope you’re able to capture falling rain on film soon. I bet it’d be pretty! :)

    1. Watching rain by the window is kinda dreamy isn’t it? :) I love to see raindrops on flowers! P.S. Thank you, I hope to be finally successful, haha!

      1. Some of my best memories of watching rain are in Taiwan – rain while I sought refuge in a cafe in Taichung, and rain falling outside the window of my Taipei hostel :D

        1. It hasn’t rained in a while here and I hope it remains this way but when it does I think I’m going to enjoy it much more, you fill me with appreciative thoughts for the rain :D

  5. -Watch the rain falling all over the abandoned factory in front of my room’s window,sitting in my bed with the cats;
    -sit in a comfortable cafe writing letters and reading,my hands wrapped around a hot coffee cup;
    – be in my pajamas,roaming my house with a full fridge :)

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