The Weekend List / 10.

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Ten weeks of lists! When I first started this little project I thought 52 a very small number – how hard is it to do something once a week, right? I have enjoyed putting my lists together and it makes me more than happy to read your input each week but to be completely honest, I probably spend too much time on deciding what list to make and then agonize over whether it’s interesting enough, easy enough, personal enough. All that being said, I just want to thank everyone who has shared their thoughts and stuck with me this far.

For the tenth list I wanted to put together something a little bit bigger so here’s my List of Places to Visit in My City:

Treasure Hill Artist Village 寶藏巖國際藝術村
FuHe Bridge Flea Market  福和橋跳蚤市場
– Wanhua District: The Red Housenight markets and Bopiliao 萬華,紅樓,艋甲,剝皮寮
Huashan Creative Park 華山1914文化創意產業園區
Wulai 烏來
SPOT – Taipei Film House 光點台北
– Miniatures Museum of Taiwan 袖珍博物館
Dihua Street 迪化街
Taipei Botanical Garden 台北植物園
National Taiwan University 台灣大學
– Showa-cho Antique Market 昭和町文物市集
– Songshan Cultural and Creative Park 松山文創園區
– The alleyways…always venture into the alleyways of Taipei :)

What are some of your personal recommendations for someone new to your city? Do share!

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  1. I suck at being this organized filing my photos by places,but most of my favorite spots in Porto are tiny streets,alleys,forgotten among the city life…i will show you everything!

      1. :D for the first time i went to check out what time there is in Taipei right now and uau it is so strange the day there is coming to an end and here is just starting,but at the same time it is nice to feel that anywhere in the world there is a light open and it is a place that does not stop :)

        1. As I write this you’ve probably finished breakfast, Sara, and I am just getting to dinner! :) I agree with you so much, it is comforting to know that this cycle never ends and that light is shining for someone who needs it.

  2. will bookmark this list for my next visit to Taipei! haha

    I wish I could recommend you somewhere new in SG, but you’ve visited so many of them haha!! My personal favourite is Bras Basah Complex, where a href=”” rel=”nofollow”Cat Socrates/a and a href=”” rel=”nofollow” Basheer are at.

    I think everything should visit Booksactually once. It’s a wonderful little gem.

    1. I have always wanted to go to Cat Socrates but never got around to it for some reason. Thank you for the suggestions! Books Actually is a gem indeed, I think everyone should go at least twice. :)

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