8 comments on “On The Streets of Seminyak.

  1. The first one is so romantic,i feel like following that little dog( cat?) until the end of the alley :D
    and erm…. what are those signs?
    People are suppose to stick them on their cars or something? ahahah o_O and they the ones who are already on the box behind say the sweetest things uh?
    Bali seems like a very intriguing place :)
    Beautiful pictures Katie – hope you had a good saturday!

    1. The little dog, yes, I was so tempted to go deep into the alleys and live with the locals. :) Those signs are quite something huh? Perhaps many foreigners buy them as a joke for their friends.. I don’t know who else will buy them! I had a restful weekend, Sara, hope you did too! ♥

      1. saturday and sunday were very different but at the same time very good for my mind :) maybe i will right you all about it in a letter!

  2. ‘Ade’ to ord? hahah. At least it doesn’t say Ade is gay :)
    Does ‘Pelan-Pelan’ mean ‘slowly’ in your language? It’s ‘Pele-Pele’ in mine.

    1. Hahaha, “Made to Order”.. I believe! These were taken in Bali so ‘Pelan-Pelan’ means slowly in Indonesian. What language is ‘Pele-Pele’? :)

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