14 comments on “Night Market.

    1. Thank you, Frances, the night market is probably the only place at which I take photographs at night, can’t get enough of the chaos and crazy lights!

  1. my crossed processed fuji usually came out all green 0_O
    i feel fascinated by night markets,hope someday you can take me on a walk there!

    1. That’s so weird! But the beautiful photograph you sent me taken on the plane was cross-processed too wasn’t it? That one is a lovely magenta. If you come I’ll take you to a different one every night. :)

      1. Yes,it was crossed processed but one of the few that i got that color with :D
        i will send you more photos soon and daydreaming about another letter arriving from Taiwan <3

    1. :D I figured the night market was a good place to mix and match a little using my Splitzer… speaking of Splitzer, my LC-A+ really needs more love!

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