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      1. it is a lovely dish…i wish i could send you kitchen ware but i’m so afraid it will be broken once it arrives there…must make experiment <3

  1. Ahhhh I haven’t seen those little red cards for a long long long time! I used to watch my grandma and her friends playing Go-Stop when I was really tiny but I almost forgot about the game for quiet a while! I’ve never played it myself though. I’ve heard that it’s a pretty addictive game, haha.

    1. Yes, once you get the hang of it it is pretty addictive! :D I have a hard time memorizing what the pictures stand for but they are incredibly beautiful to look at. ♥

  2. hahahaha :)
    The red card other name is flower card (화투) . Each card means 12 months.

    New Year’s pine and February are plum, cherry blossom in March, April is rattan, May is orchids, peonies in June and July this hongssari, the communist moon in August, September is chrysanthemum. Leaves in October, the Tung November and December are non-[雨] is.

    It’s a fun game and koreans favorite game.

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