Around The World in Analogue.

Negative0-30-28A(1)Fujicolor Pro 160S (expired), Canon FTb

To sum up March in Taipei, it has been unseasonably cold and gray and unphotographable (yes I’m going to make it a word) but I’ve been enjoying the amazing posts some of my favorite bloggers have been sharing with us:

– natural * days: Akebono Children’s Forest Park, Japan
– 6×6 life: Angkor, Cambodia
– Sleepwalking in Tokyo: Penang, Malaysia
– Aramar: Abrantes, Portugal

12 comments on “Around The World in Analogue.

    1. Your photographs of Cambodia are just gorgeous, almost devoid of the tourists crowds I always see in other people’s photographs, wonderful job! :)

      1. thanks again ! I must say that there are a lot of pictures I would have loved to take but didn’t because of the number of tourists there was … hah. Always a problem !
        Anyway, spring is at the corner (well maybe not in your part of the world haha) so hopefully you will take your camera out and share new pictures soon ;)

      1. I spent all weekend thinking about ‘unphotographable’ and I kind feel like we should do a series of taking these photos anyway? would you two be up for that? I’m so intrigued about what you both think is unphotographable and also, if perhaps we’d take better photos because of the challenge… I’m kind of thinking that nothing really is unphotographable, the only thing stopping us is ourselves… what do you think?

  1. Oh Katie, thank you for sharing my blog post! That makes me quite happy :D

    I’ve been living some very unphotographable days as well. Ever since spring had its oficial beginning that the weather – wich was quite nice and sunny before that – has been miserable. I can’t wait for the warmer days to come back!

    1. Dear Inês, thank you for sharing such wonderful photographs with us, your posts are always bookmarked in my blog reader. :) Wishing you a great weekend with wonderful weather.

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