Around The World in Analogue.

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I feel like I haven’t made plans for February and suddenly it’s gone. Granted, it is a shorter month to begin with but sometimes I cannot comprehend how time moves so quickly even though you haven’t decided what you want to do with it. Happy March!

– anna strachan / marek strachan: Slovakia
– unexpected light: Morroco
– where the yummy things are: Camden Market, London, United Kingdom
– Hier so…: Oderwitz, Germany

16 comments on “Around The World in Analogue.

  1. Happy March Katie,

    i am very happy February happy because it was such a awful month but i think we need real discipline to not be eaten alive by minutes*

      1. To not be eaten alive by minutes, yes, you always give wonderful advice, Sara :)

        I would travel to Porto the same way if I could!! :D

  2. Hmmm. It’s a sunny (but cold) day here in London. I think I’ll head to Camden. I quite fancy something yummy :)

    Happy March!

    1. Even the sound of March sounds like moving forward in the best way possible – I think it’s going to be great, best wishes for your March too! :) :) :)

  3. Happy March to you as well, Katie! I hadn’t realized that it was gonna be March until around 8PM on the last day of February and it surely felt so weird haha. I hope this is gonna be a good month.

    And thank you for featuring my blog, it made my week! xxx

    1. Thank you for taking us to Camden Market, it looks absolutely wonderful! Wishing you the same for your March and here’s hoping it takes its own sweet time to pass. :)

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