Anping Sunset Platform / 安平觀夕平台.


When I was in Tainan I traveled exclusively via the Tainan Tourist Shuttle Bus and went to as many places as I could over the weekend. The Sunset Platform (安平觀夕平台) was one of the places I had on my list but was ready to forgo if I didn’t have enough time – fortunately I arrived just in time to catch the last of the day’s light, breathed in some fresh air and settled into my long bus ride back into the city.




Negative0-25-21A(1)Kodak ProFoto XL 100, Pentax K1000

10 comments on “Anping Sunset Platform / 安平觀夕平台.

  1. this really makes me think about the late night bus rides i had to take to my parents home before i moved to Porto…
    beautiful <3

    1. You know, I actually used to dislike evenings, I hated the idea of daylight ending – I still do but now I understanding the magic of the golden hour! :)

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