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    1. Haha, me too! For me the prize is usually the opportunity to take a ridiculous amount of photographs so I don’t really mind not bringing home anything! :)

  1. I’m waiting for a roll of Kodak film to be developed – I can go pick it up in a couple of days but your pictures taken on Kodak are so nice that I’m getting impatient! :)

    1. Thank you, Minjiful! And hello to you – really appreciate you stopping by for a comment so that I can find your blog. Always exciting to find a new film photography blog, please keep shooting film! :)

      1. Nice to meet you too Katie :) I was really excited to discover your blog over the weekend. I’ve been spending so much time looking at your pretty photos. It really is always exciting to meet somebody who still shoots film. And yes, will do! Actually, my one and only new year’s resolution is to shoot more than 50 rolls of film this year so I’ll keep them coming xxx

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