12 comments on “Treasure Hill with Ada / Part II.

  1. hi katie! i have been admiring your photography for a long time, and would LOVE to feature you as one of my favourite photographers on my blog. i would send you some interview questions to answer, and you can write back with your response and 3 of your favourite photos, if you are interested in being part of it. i would be really honoured if you were! my email address is petalplume@gmail.com. let me know what you think!

  2. Something is wrong with the world when Ada travels more than me ahahah <3
    you are a great guide and host and take her to beautiful places ;)

  3. Are you a doll collector? I love your traveling doll(ada). I am a doll collector. I sometimes travel with my dolls. In addition I enjoy taking photos of my dolls.

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