The Weekend List / 09.

Negative0-27-11A(1)Lomography CN 100, Vivitar 220/SL

I only started using WordPress Stats very late last year but I’ve grown accustomed to using it to see which search terms have brought people to this blog (usually cameras, film types and cafes in Taiwan). Some are very obvious while a few others have left me completely confused. Here is a small list of popular/bizarre things people search for and landed on this blog:

– nice soft 35mm film
– wulai cherry blossom 2014
– superheadz wide and slim review
– world’s smallest cafe
– hai definitely camera (???)
– what is a golden half film
– pebblega (?????)
– fujifilm superia reala 100 expired worth buying (the answer is yes)
– function of batteries in analogue camera (if it’s not needed for the shutter to work, don’t bother with it, learn to gauge the settings yourself)
– ada the globetrotting doll
– flower crowns worn at graduation
– taichung cherry tree location
– cross haha heels (????????)

Do you have a Statistics function for your blog? What are some popular/bizarre terms people have searched for and ended up on your blog?

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  1. Since switching to Ghost I use Google Analytics. Mainly to check if I get any visitors at all, but I’ve not been able to find any way to see search terms. I remember that Blogger used to provide me with that.

    The top three countries are:
    Sweden [770] (Big surprise, no? :) )
    United States [27]
    Taiwan [26] (Even though it’s complicated – in my world – Taiwan is a country)

    A thing I like with Google Analytics is that I can not only see what country my visitors come from, but also which cities.

    1. I think in Google Analytics you: log in, scroll down the left sidebar to Acquisition, click on Keywords and then Organic. Generally I find GA rather tedious if you’re not asking for very specific information… but I use it on all my sites anyway and check it maybe twice a year, haha!

      1. Ah! Found it :) Though nothing interesting whatsoever >.<

        I use GA since Ghost doesn't have native statistics and that I have not found any better option. (Or not tried hard enough).

  2. Hahaha! I find this so funny especially with the ones you tagged as ???? :D

    My blog is out of the radar, so I don’t get to have a list like this (lazy to configure the depths of my SEO haha), but this looks interesting and is a good source of laughter! :)

    1. Those are mind-boggling don’t you think? :D It’s actually quite easy to set up on Blogger or WordPress, perhaps you should try for some fun!

  3. This website, already become my weekly dose for seeing cool stuff you guys do and film! :D

    “fujifilm superia reala 100″ My dream to find this since ages :”(

    But i just bought Velvia 50 and Provia 100F (very rare….) and now I want to find alot more!
    Most cheap film roll for backup i bought is Kodak UltraMax 400.

    1. Velvia 50 is ridiculously expensive in Taiwan (perhaps everywhere else too) and I have no use for it in my daily photography walks, haha! I used to use a lot of Kodak UltraMax 400 but I get very similar results with Lomography CN 400 (which I bought a lot of using a discount) but as soon as my Lomo 400 run out I will start using Kodak UltraMax 400 again!

      I am so happy to hear that you’re enjoying this blog, Amir, thank you! :D

        1. Yes, that’s right! 3 rolls for maybe USD10? I used to buy them for half the price with my Lomography “piggies’ discount but the rules changed and you need to spend a lot more to apply the discounts now so once I finish up my Lomography films, not sure if I will get anymore! :)

  4. Hhhhaahhaaha I can never figure out how search things work and so I always find it so interesting how a seemingly unrelated term can be related to something else!

    Mine are funny ones are “dead lizards”, “sea salt ice cream” (old post that I took down awhile ago haha), and “follow the white rabbit”

    1. Hahaha, while I can see why dead lizards link to your site but follow the white rabbit?! That’s like a secret hole even you don’t know about! :D

  5. Ahaha it is amazing what leads people to a certain (virtual) place sometimes…
    Google sends me analytics results but i always erase the email without opening it ahaha – but now i am very curious about it!

    1. Hahaha, I think yours will be filled with nice, comforting words, Sara. It’s the impression I get when reading your blog ♥

  6. the strangest are in italian so i can’t share it with you, but i have some good ones in italian, too:

    * arbutus unedo illustration
    * don’t laugh at others feelings (?)
    * gelato on wheels
    * hot wet langa (ehm…)
    * how arbutus uned was introduced in the new world
    * lambretta naked model (ehm part #2)
    * naked wife on lambretta (sorry for disappointing you all…)
    * sheep on a lambretta
    * www i love you the sassi (have no idea of the meaning of this one)

      1. Hahahahahaha… these really made me laugh out loud! Still have a grin on my face as I’m typing this. “sheep on a lambretta” is mind-boggling as well… sounds like an animal fetish!

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