The Weekend List / 08.

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Having owned an online business since 2008, I’ve sent thousands of packages to many countries all over the world. It continues to amaze me, after all these years, how far the packages travel to go into the hands of someone living in a country whose name I might not even be able to pronounce. Here is a list of all the countries I’ve sent mail to, to the best of my memory:

– Argentina
– Australia
– Austria
– Belarus
– Belgium
– Bermuda
– Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Brazil
– Brunei
– Canada
– Chile
– China
– Croatia
– Cyprus
– Czech Republic
– Denmark
– Estonia
– Finland
– France
– Germany
– Greece
– Hong Kong
– Hungary
– Iceland
– Indonesia
– Ireland
– Israel
– Italy
– Japan
– Kazakhstan
– Kuwait
– Latvia
– Lithuania
– Luxembourg
– Malaysia
– Mexico
– Netherlands
– New Zealand
– Norway
– Poland
– Portugal
– Puerto Rico
– Romania
– Russia
– Saudi Arabia
– Singapore
– Slovakia
– Slovenia
– South Africa
– Spain
– Sri Lanka
– Sweden
– Switzerland
– Taiwan
– Thailand
– Turkey
– Ukraine
– United Kingdom
– United States
– Vietnam

I checked against this list of countries of the world – what are some exotic countries you’ve sent mail to?

25 comments on “The Weekend List / 08.

  1. can’t even compare to your list…
    even though i have sent quite some letters in my life. used to penpal a lot when i was younger.
    and still have a strong passion for handwritten letters.
    would like to write some more often.
    have a beautiful day!

    1. No matter where I move to, I always end up being friends with the people who work at the nearest post office because they see me so often! I think I will keep up with the snail mailing, thank you Polly!

  2. So awesome. I should have written down all the places I’ve sent mail to in the last 5 years since blogging too thinking about it :) I’m still amazed that I have online friends all over the world!

    1. The Internet is a wondrous place, isn’t it? I would have never anticipated this when I was a child but I am glad we are so easily connected. ♥♥♥

  3. That is amazing! I love snail mail too, I’ve just received a birthday communication card by mail and I love it. So many places, it’s wonderful :)

  4. my letter <3 <3 <3

    I have sent mail to
    Taiwan :)
    The Netherlands

    ehehehe :D

    hope my mail arrives there soon chuif

    1. Hi etta! I hope that it gets longer in the future but for now I am quite proud of this list! Both your countries fill me with curiosity and the desire to photograph them. :)

    1. Do you mean you haven’t received any from Norway at home? I have sent orders to Norway but don’t know anyone “personally” who lives in Norway – I did receive a postcard when a friend from Hong Kong was doing a WWOOF program in Norway though!

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