The Weekend List / 06.

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This week I would like to share with you things I have a collection of. They aren’t necessarily intentional, sometimes you just buy/receive certain things you like until they grow naturally into a collection. However, I did make a resolution this year to own less and love more so I’m going to try my best not to add to these anymore:

– vintage film cameras
– fabric
– vintage buttons
– yarn
– vintage dish towels from my year of birth 1985 (like these)
– washi paper tapes
– colored tights (pink, purple, forest green, lime green, blue, aqua, red and so many more!)

What do you collect?

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  1. collections are fun :)
    1) shells
    2) sea glass
    3) feathers
    4) rocks
    5) stickers
    7) tea

    I’m actually sure there are more, but that’s what I’m loving at the moment :)

    1. Why am I not surprised that you collect feathers? :D Your collections sound super fun to rummage through, especially the shells and sea glass!

  2. Your collection of vintage cameras and the one of colourful tights sound very appealing to me!
    I’m afraid I don’t collect many things, except for cameras and old photographs – I really like to buy those in flea markets!

  3. Katie the thing I liked the most was undoubtedly the vintage film cameras collection! so fun :-)
    I’ve always done collection of movie tickets. love to see some time later, the movies I watched and at what point is that I saw (I create a sort of connection to some characteristic time that day), some strange flowers that dry and then keep, CD’s and surfers photos who I like most.
    the vintage film cameras are for when I’ve more money to buy them :-) enjoy your weekend.

    1. I used to collect movie tickets when I was younger but after many years in boxes the printing on them all faded away and all I’m left with are blank pieces of paper… :D

      Dry flowers sound like a good collection to start and also because it means more walks to take to discover them. I hope you had a good weekend, Diogo!

  4. Well as an almost mad hoarder i am i would have to think what am i not collecting ahahaha ❤️
    I have a lot of câmeras too,buttons,stickers,paper of all kinds,books,coffee mugs and plates and and…. I want to stop the instant gratification trair a little – it is do easy to numb your needs with stuff and i am in need of some discipline and conscience here!
    P.s Mimi is the cutest :)

    1. I love to see photographs of the things you collect on your blog, in my mind I add them all up and am always in awe of your precious finds. :)

      P.S. She is indeed ♥♥♥

  5. I like to collect pencils and magnets. I too have a weakness for vintage film cameras.
    My resolution for this year is to shoot more and try not to add more cameras to my collection.

  6. Fabrics! <3

    – Magnets. I buy one from each country or city that I visit. My friends always bring me back one from their travels too.
    – Art supplies. I get excited over seeing colorful pencils and markers.
    – Museum postcards. I usually pick up a few of my favorite paintings' postcards when I'm in a museum and add them to my photo album/scrapbook.

    1. I’m always drawn to museum stationery but have always refrained (successfully!) from purchasing any because I have no real space/use for them, hahaha! :) Your magnet collection must be amazing – I know quite a few people with the same collection – and they always excite me!

  7. Come to think of it, I collect a lot more as a child. I always did have a thing for paper products, so I’ve never been able to resist notebooks and postcards, but even these have seen a gradual decline in the last few years. Nowadays it’s mainly a collection of memories through travel and photos.

    1. Yes, I agree.. I used to have this huge collection of bookmarks which my mother is super proud of because she thinks it taught me to appreciate something fervently and taught me organization (meticulously arranged them in giant photo albums). :)

      Although I think a collection of memories is equally mesmerizing, they have a more personal edge to, which I think one can only truly appreciate as one gets older… hahaha.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Regena! :) I used to (still do, actually) follow many doll-dressmaking ladies on Flickr, the beautiful tiny dresses they make blow my mind and always make me wish I for them in adult size :D

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