Shophouses in Singapore.


The shophouses in Singapore are a wonderful mix of the old and new, but probably a little more old than new, which I’m partial to, as you can probably tell by now. If you spend more time in the city centres in Singapore, you might be overwhelmed by how modern and concrete and cold everything looks but I prefer to spend my time walking where the shophouses are, weaving in and out of shops, always looking up to admire the Asian-European architecture.



Negative0-32-03(1)Kodak Gold 200, Canon FTb

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  1. hi… i found you blog sometime ago and i left comment too but it seems not published. i love all your photos.
    i m currently living in singapore. sometime it is so hard to find old charming places here. i agree the shop houses are so lovely. especially i liked those near little india. their colours are so vibrant.

    1. Hi Pratiksha! :) Sorry your previous comment did not go through but I’m glad you came back so that I can find your blog. Your film photographs are beautiful and I look forward to seeing more :)

      Little India is one of my favorite places in Singapore, there is just so much to look at! I recently visited Singapore again and went for photo walks around Spottiswoode Park, Ann Siang Hill, Farrer Park (yes, little India again!), Aliwal Street and Queenstown – there is still much to look and love in places like these where time has not done too much modern damage.

  2. What a beautiful amount of houses Katie! I always loved this set of colors all mixed together. A long time ago I was in northern Spain towards the Pyrenees, and passed through an area whose homes were covered by several colors :-) inks, flowers … all that!
    as always beautiful Katie. have a nice weekend.

    1. The location you mentioned sounds divine… always my dream to roam the alleys in Europe. :)

      Thank you for always having such kind sentiments about my photographs, Diogo, they can be so random sometimes so glad to have you all to share them with. :)

  3. Like you, I prefer the colorful houses in Singapore rather than the typical high rises. I especially liked staying in Little India and walking through the streets to get back to my hotel, especially since that neighborhood is filled with so many colorful signs and lights and shops. So simple and yet so beautiful.

    1. Little India is so full of real life, if I may! I love it when a culture is so fiercely protected and kept alive… everyone who’s there looks so at home, which is just amazing to me. :)

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