8 comments on “Hungry Cat in Bali.

  1. Great shots Katie,

    Reminds me of a story that I read to my younger son called “Mac and Cheese” Mac isn’t fussy and eats anything, while Cheese is quite the opposite.

    Anyway, great shots with great colours. Our Lomo store recently shut down unfortunately.

    1. Well, this is definitely Mac in the photographs, I think! Oh dear, I didn’t think Lomography stores were prone to closing down?!

  2. Really skinny… :/
    here in Porto there are so many lonely generous ladies feeding the cats and usually they look fat and happy,i’m glad for this or it would break my heart to walk in the streets.

    1. Too many stray cats and dogs in Bali, the cats are pitiful while the dogs are ferocious! The generous ladies, including you, have definitely gathered good karma for your kindness. :)

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