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    1. :) I average about 8 rolls for a 3 day trip, 12 for 5 and 16 for 7. I never use up what I bring but I like to be prepared. And if you’re traveling more than 7 days I suggest that you go crazy because you never want to regret!

      1. Wow, quite alot. I even hard to finish one roll. Someone sale to me 10 stock film of Kodak Ultra Max 400(bulk and really damn cheap, not expired) and Velvia 50+Provia 100F. *Drooling*. Save for the best landscape travel :D

        But how the costing you spend on that quite some of money to develop.

        1. What I use is probably 1/3 of what I bring but like I mentioned, I like to be prepared, just in case! :)

          Developing is very cheap in Taiwan…. :)

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