5 comments on “As Seen in An Alleyway / 09.

  1. I love them all, Katie! I love the blue sky in the first one, the decorations of those houses in the second one, that beautiful decoration on the wall in the third one and that strangely shaped building in the last one. It makes me want to travel abroad!

  2. I’m waiting to the sun be more permanent so i can go around my neighborhood and take pictures ,i love this alleys,glad you decided to make this series :)
    ps: sent you two letters yesterday!

    1. Thank you, dear Sara, I am always waiting for the rain to stop so I can go exploring again. It is a hassle trying to hold the umbrella and camera with only two hands!

      P.S. Two letters!! What a treat ♥

      1. You deserve it Katie :)
        It is been so long since the last one and i got so sad because the one i sent you in November never got there… i hope this arrive and soon!

        Yes,it is…i’m very afraid of wetting the lens and then camera get mold and then i would want to kill myself,so i try to use my camera outside only when it’s safe ahaha

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