Around The World in Analogue.

Negative0-11-27A(1)Lomography CN 100, Vivitar 220/SL

It was quite difficult to narrow this month’s links to four or five as per my usual so I’m just going to let these wonderful photographers bring you everywhere:

– green tea fields: Island East Markets, Hong Kong
– Much Love, Anna: Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia
– fixmycamera: Berlin, Germany
– The present is.: Insadong, Seoul, Korea
– a torrent of photos: London, United Kingdom
– greenlaundry: Istanbul, Turkey
– david and elizabeth: Empire State Building, New York, United States

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    1. Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words! Your blog is one of my latest favorite finds and I truly hope you carry on using film, you’re wonderful at it. ♥

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