14 comments on “A Quick Snack in Ubud.

    1. I was only there for about three hours I think (and we opted out of visiting the famous Monkey Forest, we just weren’t very interested) so I would say that while I enjoyed the craft market, there are less touristy options which I did visit. Are you visiting Bali soon? :)

  1. Hello Katie <3

    You look good in a dress .D

    That place looks very good,it is getting close to lunch time and i could eat some of that food!ahaha

    1. Hello Sara ♥

      I love being in dresses, simple but fancy… hahaha! I am a very lazy dresser! Actually I cannot remember what we ate now.. something with cherry tomatoes I think. I’ll have to ask Evelyn :D

      1. I est cherry tomatoes everyday,it is an essencial item in my fridge :D
        i love dresses,would love more that this styupid cold would end and i could wear them more with 80000 layers of coats!

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