13 comments on “Treasure Hill with Ada / Part I.

    1. Thank you, dear sara, urban treasure indeed! Treasure Hill is a MUST-GO if you ever visit Taipei, although I wouldn’t wish the summer heat on you.. :)

  1. Another great photo set, I love the little red girl that appears in some of the shots. The shot you have of the bike reminds me of a few of the bike shots I have. For some reason, I’m always drawn to unique looking or completely destroyed and rusted out bikes on the street.

    Oh, and I get my first two rolls of film back tomorrow and I can hardly wait. I’m pretty sure they’ll be completely terrible shots because I was aimlessly shooting around the city, but they’re the first two rolls through my two cameras so it’ll be a good test to see if they even work. And, it’ll be the first time I’ve had film developed in over ten years… crazy!

    Your blog is still inspiring the crap out of me :) Great stuff.

    1. Rusty old bikes have so much more character, no? And those awful, awful colors most bicycles come in these days are not the most photogenic subjects! :D I am sooo excited about your rolls of film, Shane! Will be heading over to your blog to check them out. After I started using film I kept wondering WHY I didn’t start sooner, I don’t know how you could have managed 10 years! :) Thank you so much and so very glad you like the blog!

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