The Weekend List / 05.

Negative0-20-19(1)Fujicolor Superia Reala 100 (expired), Vivitar 220/SL

The things that uplift me, the ones that can make a bad day good enough:

– blue skies
– a day at the beach
– getting a roll (or rolls) of developed film back from the lab
Mimi saying hello when I get home
– chocolate (although it does not always work)
– listen to my parents talking about something that makes them happy

Tell me about your happy pills!

17 comments on “The Weekend List / 05.

  1. Ohh I like this!
    I love finding developed film in my mailbox too!
    I like it when all my house mates are out and I get the kitchen to myself to cook
    or when I get kind messages from people when I most need them
    I love to laugh too, so whenever I’m around funny and joyful people!
    Or getting an email that surprises you with a (good) shock announcement

    Heaps more, but that’s what I’m thinking about tonight anyway :)

    1. You’re so right about the “a night in the couch with a good book”, that is a happy pill indeed! That reminds me… I should add to my Two Sides of a Coin list: Finishing a really good book! When it ends I always feel emptied! :D

  2. What a lovely list, Katie!
    Mine would be something like this:
    – going on a photographic excursion in a new place
    – getting a roll (or rolls) of developed film back from the lab – just like you!
    – booking plane tickets for a trip
    – Tove purring close to my ears
    – chocolate and ice-cream
    – summer in Helsinki

  3. Going out shooting
    Collecting negatives and scans
    Being texted silly personal jokes from friends who don’t know I am having a bad moment
    My mum’s smile when I come home from work
    Booking an air ticket
    Snail mail

    :D :D :D

  4. – Watching Miyazaki Hayao’s movies
    – Picking up a watercolor brush and just paint whatever
    – Catching up with friends over good food
    – Listening to my parents bicker over silly things and then laugh about it
    – Seeing your photos! :)

    1. Aw, Tammy, you just made me blush in front of my computer but I thank you so ♥

      I haven’t watched many of Miyazaki Hayao’s films but am always in awe whenever I do.

  5. .Looking and hugging my cats
    . Spotting random cats in weirds places (it is a gift from the gods i have)
    .Sunny days
    .The kindness of strangers
    .Having mail other that bills in the mail box
    .Reading my favorite blogs (like yours ♡)
    .Getting a developed roll of film :D

    1. And you remind me of the kindness of strangers… it is one of my happy pills too but sometimes I feel irked that I have to be constantly surprised at how nice people can be like it’s a rare gift! People need to be nicer in general :)

  6. happy list!

    getting back a roll of film that turned out is definitely one of the best feelings to have! other happy pills of mine:

    -surfing the web for places to travel
    -a hot bowl of udon
    -looking at new pictures of my niece and nephews being cute

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