The Weekend List / 04.

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You know how there are some things in life that you are grateful for but if you tip over even just a little bit they aren’t really blessings anymore? Presenting to you my Two Sides Of A Coin List:

– working from home (so much time to waste when I’m feeling lazy…)
– being bilingual (unsolicited requests to translate random things for people)
– being able to use a sewing machine/thread & needle (unsolicited requests to patch things up or sew missing buttons)
– living rent-free in a hostel (the noise! oh my god, the noise some people can make!)
– wearing size S (when they are sold out much quicker than XS but you can’t fit into XS)

Do you have a Two Sides Of A Coin list?

17 comments on “The Weekend List / 04.

  1. lol, this is great, I can’t think of any off the top of my head but the fact that it made me smile reading your post, tells me I can definitely relate :)

    1. It was a funny thing I tried to do to not feel so pissed off about the con side of things, they did make me feel better though! :D Have a great weekend, Fiona :)

  2. Knowing here to buy nice cheap stuff : constantly being texted or phone with ‘hi,where can i find….’
    Knowing to walk everywhere in this town : ‘ hi sara,how can i go to point a to b’ (these annoys me especially because people use me as a phone list or something – maybe i should transform my information overdrive into a business ahahaha <3

    1. The guests who stay at your guest house are so lucky to have you for such precious information! :) Not so nice of those others who are just lazy to find out on their own…

  3. Oh Boy!! I can definitely relate to 2 in your list!
    – working from home: such a blessing… but such bad habit for laziness…
    aaand… the bilingual… it IS a blessing and I love being able to understand english and spanish, but.. yeah… I have to translate a lot (sometimes).

    Have fun on the weekend!

    1. I always try to tell myself to focus more on the pros but seriously life just throws the cons at you SO MUCH! :D I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend yourself, Viviana! ♥

  4. Wow actually these lists are pretty challenging! I tried to come up with a list but it’s much harder than i thought! I can definitely relate to working from home and feeling lazy though. And yes the noise at the hostel! I remember there was one night when was staying at Parachute and there were a group of singaporeans who were talking so loudly (and keeping everyone up) in the middle of the night! I was embarrassed and annoyed at the same time. haha!

    1. Hahaha, westerners make a lot of noise in the common room while the Asians make a lot of noise in the rooms, unfortunately (so sorry about the noise you had to endure)! Yes, even I find these lists very challenging (especially coming up with topics to make a list of!) but I guess they are pretty worth it! :) :) :)

  5. I’m oh so with you on number one… “Working” from home too often incorporate too long Pinterest brakes. And with the bilingual part – I can’t say I feel like I know any of the languages thoroughly.

    1. Gosh, when Pinterest first gained popularity I was sooo into it but now I’ve completely cut myself off it, it just takes up so much time, hahaha!

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