The Weekend List / 03.

Negative0-03-01(1)Kodak Max 400 (expired), Pentax K1000

This is a list of what I recently read up on Google Search:

– Sufjan Stevens
– Ann Siang Hill
– margarita and coke
– See’s Candies
– Akihabara
– Nikon 35ti
– how to make a wedding garter
– Air Asia Zest
– 200 crochet blocks triangle stripes #1 (totally needed help for this!)
Johnny Suede

I believe what we search for on Google tells some of the most private things about ourselves and our stream of thoughts. This is an edited list, of course, I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m uncomfortable with sharing everything I search for on Google. :D What are some of the funny, boring, curious, simple things you’ve done a Google search on recently?

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    1. Hahaha, it’s not silly at all! My way is very basic.. I just go to my browser History and search for all my Google Search items :D Now that you know how, do share! :)

  1. i most often search for the silliest, laziest of things, mostly words to make sure i typed them correctly.
    i was always so sure when writing, but nowadays i doubt more and more and google is always ready for the rescue. i should stop relying on it so much hihihi

    1. When I said my list is edited, I really meant the exact same thing you said! :D I edited out all my daily searches for words both in Chinese and English to make sure I’m spelling or using them right! You’re right, toi, Google makes it so much easier! I hope you have a good weekend!

  2. I have this weird habit of using Google to look up Wikipedia entries. Like, I know I can go to Wikipedia’s homepage and search there, but for some reason I will just Google “_____ wikipedia”. It’s an extra step but I’m so used to it.

    I will also do the same thing of checking my spelling of certain words. Or, if I’m typing in Chinese/Japanese, I have to Google the word to make sure I’m using it correctly before I post it for the world to see. Lol.

    1. I get you, completely! I’m, too, basically using Google to get to the Wikipedia page of whatever I’m looking for. So, so attached to this giant search machine and always feel that it should never disappoint me, haha! :D

  3. Hey katie!
    Let’s see… it is quite interesting to check out my google search history, i’m actually shock by how many things i’ve searched just to paint a graphic picture to a pen pal I have… just to get image definition by what we mean I guess. Oh, and I also looked a lot at some activities i wanted to go to around here.

    Anyways, some of topics in my search are:
    Parque Cultural de Valparaíso | PCdV
    Escuela Naval Arturo Prat
    Isla de Pascua – Wikipedia
    Jaime Guzmán Errázuriz 3300, Santiago
    Machismo – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    Have a great sunday! :)

    1. I was so intrigued to google everyone of your search myself! There is just so much in the world we don’t know yet and so much we have to relearn! :)

  4. Recent searches include

    – things to do in kl
    – airasia/ jetstar/ tiger repeatedly in random order
    – rakuten
    – circle line stations
    – gm1 prices singapore

    And spell checks, word meanings, wiki like toi and tammy!


  5. I love this post,it is one great idea for a list :D
    I use google a lot to search for streaming tv sites,for i do not own a tv and sometimes i’m in the mood for some me no brain time,
    I use it to check out if i got the lyrics right from some song i’m in love with but thinking about it i have been using fb and pinterest much more for making research,i guess :)
    ps.LOVE SUFJAN ♡♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Streaming sites are so hard to find, don’t you think? We use quite a few streaming programs from China, might be prone to viruses but easier to use than websites. I also search for lyrics quite a bit! Sometimes a song comes up and I have no idea who and what it is and so I google a little bit of the words I remember, it works so well!

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