The Weekend List / 02.

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There are a lot of wish-lists out there – lists of things you want to do, places you want to go – but I thought I’d give it a little twist and make a list of things I don’t want to do and most probably never will:

– bungee jump (the reason it’s the first thing that came to my mind is because so many people have done it and made it look so simple!)
– learn to drive (actually I did learn to drive a car once and knew immediately that it’s not my thing)
– have a baby
– slap someone across the face
– walk in stiletto heels
– eat blue cheese
– watch a horror movie with my eyes open 100% of the time (I can manage about 35%)
– get drunk

I had to think really hard for this one! What are some things you will say absolutely no to?

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  1. I want to do the first four things in your list haha! But I’m with you on the heels & cheese.
    I guess the thing I would say no to is living in a city that isn’t Sydney. There’s just no other option for me but to end up there next year.

    erin –

    1. You’re super brave in my eyes, then, Erin! All of them need some sort of courage I’m just not prepared to give :)

      I think it’s great that you have figured out where you feel the most comfortable, being in the right place is a wonderful start to living the life you want. I hope the move comes sooner than you think! ♥

  2. This is a funny list, mostly because I can relate with many points of it: the bungee jumping, the stiletto heels, the blue cheese and getting drunk… also, the driving bit could be in my list as well – I have a license and everything, but I haven’t driven in over 6 years and don’t even want to drive again! ;-)
    Happy weekend, Katie!
    By the way, the photograph of the flowers is beautiful!

    1. I thought I was being a scaredy cat listing all of these things but thank you, Polly, now I don’t feel so quite alone! Have a splendid weekend :) :) :)

  3. Katie, love this!
    definitely a creative idea!
    well, being a boy, exist some things that I’ll never do ;-) but I agree with you in one thing on 100%, I’ll never eat blue cheese! :-D

  4. i’m afraid of heights so bungee jumping is out of the question!
    i love to drive in highways and at night,hate doing it in the middle of city,rush hours make people enter into road rage…
    I already walled more than once in high heels but i feel weird and it hurts!
    Already slapped somebody in the face (wish i didn’t)
    Got drunk erm lots of times,especially when i was a teenager…now i don’t think about drinking,unless is a small cup of Port Wine for some celebration…
    maybe i will never have kids because i’m getting older and i don’t (and never did) the biologic clock ticking…
    and i cannot watch more than 5% of horror movies with my eyes open!
    Blue Cheese is too bizarre ahaha.

    You are right,this list is really hard to do 0_O

    1. Do you drive often, Sara? Yes, the road rage part is why I dislike driving in general… I hate that driving turns people into impatient, inconsiderate twats!

      5%! Can’t believe I’m braver than you when it comes to horror movies :D

      1. I don’t drive often,the last years i rove maybe 5 times a year and that was enough for me…
        I can understand seeing films that will get me no sleep ahaahahha

  5. Haha, I like the way you think! This was a fun list to read. Now you have me wondering what I really don’t want to/never will do. ^^

  6. hmmmm…
    these days i am more of aware of ‘never say never’..
    like, i used to hate blue cheese. but i am slowly getting used to it!
    i thought i do not want kids, but my biological clock is starting to tick, even though it is still quiet silent.
    still no drivers license, lets see about that one.

    i think i will never eat meat again, a vegetarian for more than 15 years already.
    i thnk i will never live in a city again, but also there, i might be wrong.
    i think i will never have a fulltime job again. phhhh…let’s see if i will manage! :)

    this is indeed a hard one, will think more about it-

    1. I LOVE your contribution to this thought process, sara! You’re completely right… sometimes you have to keep in mind the idea of “never say never”! It makes me think about whether they are things I’ve tried but disliked or things I imagine I will dislike; I’m looking forward to looking at this list of mine in a year, three years, ten years and see what have changed. ♥

  7. Nice twist! I drive a lot now, admittedly, but I was scared to death of doing it when I was 14 (that’s when I could get my driving permit). I HATED driving at first. I drive pretty much every day now, but if I lived in a city with better public transportation, I probably wouldn’t bother! Anyway, bungee jumping is also something I would never do! Way too scary for my taste. I would say I’d never pet a spider, but that’s not true–I have held a tarantula once at an insect petting zoo. I broke out into a sweat and starting hyperventilating. Not doing that again, haha!

    1. It’s so strange how people can grow up and change even though we most probably never believed we’d change! I’ll probably be alongside you hating spiders ten years ago but now I don’t think I’ll have any problems petting them and I don’t even know what is it exactly about me (or spiders) that changed.

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