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    1. This was actually my first time in the two years or so that I’ve used film! I never bothered with the real shop very much because it’s easier to order from Lomography online in Taiwan but I was in the area for food so I thought what the heck! Would love to see how the London/Milan ones look like if you ever find yourself in lack of plans. :D

      1. No, not a proper one but we have a place called Exposure Gallery that’s a Lomo reseller. When I travel the first thing I do is find the Lomo store in whatever city I’m in :)

        1. Unfortunately I was just there to admire the cameras in person… usually if I do purchase from Lomography I do it online, where I can apply their discounts. :)

  1. What a marvelous shop! whenever I go to lomography shop in my city, I get stoked!
    the first picture of La Sardina… beautiful! when I see all of the options with the most incredible standards, the only thing that comes to my mind is: “I want that. and this…” :-)
    anyway, beautiful shots Katie.

    1. I had to curb my desire to want everything in the shop :) Also, the really great thing about a Lomography shop is that they will never tell you that photographs are not allowed!

  2. That’s heaven! I’ve passed by the Lisbon store once, but didn’t go inside. Guess I’m gonna have to fix that very soon, because it looks very promising indeed :)

  3. ohh I wish I had a lomo shop close by, thank goodness for their online shops though :) I’ve only ever been to the Singapore one which had a similar look to the Taipei one from your photos, their aesthetic is pretty uniform I think!

    1. The Taipei one is not very near where I live so I’m also grateful for the online shop! :) I’d really love to check out the Europeans ones though!

    1. Yes, I was having a great time looking at those cameras I would probably never buy, not such a big user of toy cameras, I’m afraid! They do sell proper ones including medium format but their prices are sky high!

  4. I actually know the guy running the lomo shop here in Porto and the store is very nice,i will try to take pictures for you to see dear Katie ;*

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