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  1. Beautiful photos as usual.
    I can’t tell if that’s a miniature guitar and a small photo frame, or a normal sized guitar and a giant photo frame :)

    1. I know how to play some chords but that’s about it! Do you? To be honest when I have time I use to do many other things, learning the ukulele is not high on the list. I need to develop more interest in making music!

    1. They are so small that it’s so easy to overlook them but so incredibly charming when you look hard enough! So glad you enjoy them too!

    1. Thanks Shane! I highly recommend it, it’s very cheap for a film of such quality. Extremely true to life colors with high contrast, it produces some of my favorite blue and green tones. :)

      1. Fantastic! You’ve convinced me to get a few rolls. I think they’ll be perfect for spring… a visit with the kiddies to the zoo, the cherry blossom festival in April, and hopefully the tulip festival in Ottawa (our capital), if we are there that weekend.

        I also hope to post some things from my final roll of XPro and a roll of TriX that I currently have loaded in my two cameras.

        Thanks for the advice above.

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