10 comments on “As Seen in An Alleyway / 02.

  1. Katie, these alleys are probably what I miss most about Asia. Sigh! I still remember getting so excited to see what was in all the twisty lanes back when I was in Hong Kong. Great series! Also…I’ve been stalking your film camera guide again because I have the itch to get a new vintage camera…I’m curious – out of all the cameras you own, what is your absolute favorite? The one that you love using on an everyday basis? :)

    1. Thanks, Yumi, anyone with a sense of adventure and some curiosity will surely fall in love with alleyways in Asia! :) My current favorite is definitely the Pentax K1000 – small, sturdy, awesome Pentax lens! It gives off the best color rendition in all the cameras I’ve tried so far, I can’t go anywhere without it now. :)

      1. Thanks for the advice, Katie! It really helped. I went and did it again – I have a problem with these vintage cameras, can’t get enough of them (oops). I was thisclose to getting the Pentax but ended up going for an Olympus OM-1 instead. I just switched over to an Olympus system for digital so I figured my lens collection could benefit from staying in the same family.

        Thanks again!

        1. Olympus OM-1 has always been on my to-buy list… hahaha, I just haven’t found one well within my budget. So excited for you! Can’t wait to see pictures you make with it. :)

    1. I wasn’t sure if these were going to turn out at all since the alley was SO DARK but very glad they did so I can share with you some local flavor. :)

  2. Ooo. I really like these. Are these alleyways you happen to pass by every day? There are some interesting ones here in Indy, but I’ve never bothered to take any photos of them. Perhaps I should!

    1. You must take pictures of the alleyways in Indy! ♥ Unfortunately, I don’t walk past these everyday but I weave in and out of many different ones on my walks. There are alleyways EVERYWHERE in Taiwan, they never fail to pique my curiosity!

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