As Seen in An Alleyway / 01.


As Seen in An Alleyway is a new series of photographs born out of my resolution to take a walk everyday while I explore the nooks and crannies primarily of Taipei but also in other cities of Taiwan. Walking has always been my first choice of transportation but it was after reading this book that I realized I had to incorporate it into my daily agenda as a solution to becoming healthier and more creative. The first set of photographs in this series was actually taken during my day trip to Taichung back in October last year, before I had made any resolutions; even before I had found out about The Happiness Project – but it is at the time I remember myself to first grasp the idea of how I was doing myself a huge favor by taking long, slow walks alone, in the company of only my camera.




HF319_Photo04_5(1)Kodak Elite Chrome 100, Vivitar 220/SL

13 comments on “As Seen in An Alleyway / 01.

  1. These are great and I can’t wait for more shots taken during your walks! What a wonderful resolution you’ve made, Katie. Walking daily, even if for a short distance, is so important to do!

  2. That is a wonderful resolution, I agree, I miss walking so much when I’m away from leeds as its our main form of transport (other than buses but I dont miss those haha)

    Happy new year, I can’t wait to see more of your photos throughout 2014 :)

  3. What a great idea for a series, love this. I’m racking my brain for some kind of photo project for 2014 that will keep me more accountable/in practice…

    1. Right?! I knew I wanted to do more projects for this blog in 2014 but was looking for something very doable instead of aiming too high, knowing myself… :) I hope you find a suitable one, happy new year! ♥

  4. I go everywhere in Porto by foot.
    Walking is nº1 therapy <3
    i love alleyways in Taiwan :D
    Have you received my letter?Everything is so late in delivery :/

    1. I’ve been only getting more and more inspired to discover new corners of my city/country, thanks to this series! So glad you like it, Awono. ♥

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