A Coffee Plantation Tour in Bali.


I actually have no idea which coffee plantation we went to but our driver suggested it en route to Ubud Village so it should be somewhere near. These coffee plantation tours are highly touristy, like many other things in Bali, and although I was happy to have a chance to taste Kopi Luwak (if it is the real thing at all), the civets in this particular plantation looked like the saddest animals ever. It just seemed kind of cruel they were being kept to “produce” the most expensive coffee in the world.








Negative0-18-17A(1)3Kodak Gold 200, Pentax K1000

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    1. Kodak Gold 200 has always given me odd but, as you put it, interesting tones. Kind of like going out of its way to tell me that there is not enough light! :D

    1. Thank you, Polly! Animals which are bred for commercial purposes are usually not treated very well, which is quite ironic don’t you think? I’m not a picky coffee drinker myself and I haven’t actually ordered black coffee in a while but kopi luwak makes me want to drink a lot of black coffee! :D

  1. these photos are beautiful, katie! (every time i hear “kopi luwak” i think of kamome diner :) )

    and like many have said, kodak gold is always so full of surprises, isn’t it? :)

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