See You in 2014.

Negative0-09-09(1)2Fujichrome Sensia 100 (expired), Pentax K1000

I haven’t made resolutions in many years but 2013, in its ways, have inspired me to work hard at making 2014 a better one.

In 2014, I will:

1. Blog everyday.

2. Take a walk everyday.

3. Eat better.

4. Make something new for the shop every week.

5. Crochet my way through the book 200 Crochet Blocks.

6. Read every week.

7. Learn something new.

8. Be kinder, be less critical, be more generous with praise.

9. Leave things unsaid.

10. Ask for help.

11. Be thankful.

12. Remember birthdays.

13. Own less, love more.

14. Let go.

Happy new year! I wish you the knowledge of your heart’s true desires and endless possibilities of making them come true. ♥♥♥

19 comments on “See You in 2014.

  1. Hi Katie,
    I discovered your blog this year and have enjoyed your words and photos thoroughly. Thanks for the generosity.

    I like 9 and 13. I’m inspired to do the same.

    Happy new year!

    1. Hello Ade! (I have an old friend also called Ade – short for Adeline – so I feel as if I’ve known you for a long time already!) Thank you for visiting and leaving this comment for me to find your blog – your film photography is wonderful. I’ll be following it into the new year! 9 is super hard for me and 13 is something I really, really hope to achieve so good luck to the both of us. Happy new year!

    1. I feel the exact same about your blog, sara, it has certainly taught me to be appreciative, following your eyes to find the good in so many little things. See you in 2014! ♥

  2. Discovering your blog is one of the highlights of my year, Katie! You do have a great list here. I wish you determination to achieve them, and more love for film :) Happy New Year <3

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