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    1. One of the best things I love about Asia, Polly, the amazing night markets! Thank you and I hope you will someday be able to wonder on one of these streets yourself. ♥

  1. Everything feels so alive! Right now I’m so bored with the lens of my Yashica that I really think I’ll buy a new one next year. It’s a 75mm lens that “eats up” so much of the whole scenario, it’s a little bit annoying :)

    1. I have never looked into a 70mm lens but I’m super curious! It is always a breath of fresh air to have a change of perspective, I think you’ll be very happy if you bought another lens! I could never stick with just one :D

    1. I am so, so happy for you that you’re on this trip and discovering all the wonderful things I’ve become used to – your enthusiasm makes me more appreciative! ♥♥♥

    1. I agree with you completely! Not the easiest to use expired film (which requires extra light) with, as I have learned, but still they are good to have around.

      Taiwan welcomes you, Sara! :D

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