Merry Christmas.

Negative0-07-07(1)Lucky Super 200, Pentax K1000

We are not big on Christmas celebrations but the holidays – as our Western counterparts fondly calls it – always reminds me that we’re really starting to count down to a new year. I wish you love, warmth and merriment, wherever you are.

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  1. merry christmas :)

    charming photo – hope that my “new” pentax sp1000 will make so great photos like your k1000 (but of course, its not only in camera, but in awesome photographer too ;)

    1. I am very excited to see the pictures you make with your new camera, the pentax lenses are really wonderful! And thank you for your kind words, I feel the same about your analog photographs, I have been enjoying going through your older posts. ♥

      I hope you had a lovely Christmas, Lusu.

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