Happy Weekend.

Negative0-33-33(1)3Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100, Konica C35MF

The sign says in Chinese: “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.” – a quote by Gandhi.

We haven’t seen the sun for more than two weeks, only rain and chilly wind, which is not really true to December’s characteristics in Taipei. So, I’m thinking a little more about how we are treating mother earth today. Nevertheless, I wish you happy weekend!

8 comments on “Happy Weekend.

  1. The weather changed so much since we were little…
    I feel scared that sometimes some of the worst changes in climate are closer than we actually would like to think…

    1. but still it is the last weekend of the year,i hope you can enjoy it…i’m very mad at the postal services of the world for i sent my letter almost 20 days ago and it is not yet with you :/

    2. M mother believes the end of the world will come with a drastic change of climate and I think she is correct since she has lived longer and can see the differences more clearly. It is scary indeed…

  2. it is so scary,
    seems like the weather is out of sync almost everywhere, keep hearing it, reading it, experiencing it.
    wonderful quote, oh gandhi!

    enjoy your weekend!

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