Happy Weekend.

Negative0-13-13(1)Agfacolor Pro 200 (expired), Vivitar 220/SL

Life is an endless recruiting of witnesses. It seems we need to be observed in our postures of extravagance or shame, we need attention paid to us. Our own memory is altogether too cherishing, which is the kindest thing I can say for it. – The Stone Diaries, Carol Shields

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    1. The Stone Diaries is beautifully written, I haven’t read one like it in a long time. :) Happy weekend to you and your beautiful family, Sara!

    1. These beautiful plant specimens were sent to me by the lovely Sara and Anna in their letters, I keep them in my journal as if I have a collection! :D Would love to see yours some day, silvia, and have a wonderful weekend.

  1. me and anna together on the same notebook <3
    i love that quote and it is very pertinent on this time and space we are currently in.
    Sometimes it is a little bit scary how much evidence we need to feel we exist…

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