Flowers From Yarn.


By the time you’re reading this I should be walking around and taking photographs in Macau! I might post on Instagram but not sure if we’re going to have much Internet access. The blog posts will keep coming since I’ve made a habit of scheduling daily posts for the last six months (six!). In any case, please cross your fingers for me and let the most beautiful weather settle in Macau for the next three days!

Negative0-38-36(1)2Fujicolor Pro 160S, Canon FTb
Lomography CN 100, Pentax K1000

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    1. We had unfortunately no blue skies AT ALL during our stay but the temperature was great and it didn’t rain so all in all I had a really great time! That’s too bad about the rain in HK, still hope you did take lots of photographs and came back with goodies! Will be following your blog closely for your HK posts :) :) :)

    1. :) It takes a lot of patience from me but I’m glad I have kept to it. Whenever your posts come up in my blog reader I’m always excited so I won’t say no if you want to show us more! ♥

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